"Restaurant safety training manual"

Restaurant safety training manual

by: Adison M.
Language: English

E you traverse the tree from top to bottom and not from bottom to top. So an alternative is to create three lists one for teamaone for teamb and one for teamc. John manages teama fred manages teamb jane manages teamc.

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So you could create restaurant safety training manual paper list and write the names and phone numbers on it. As shown in the diagram below: if you compare this to ip addresses and domain names. ( this was effectively the hosts file approach. This works but gets to be a problem if the league expands and you get,for example, 10 teams. Well each team has a manager so you let the manager handle the list for the team. What you need is for anyone to be able to contact any player on any of the teams.

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In the diagram below i have modified bills list to include barry. What a zone file is restaurant safety training manual dns zones relate to domains different zone types how zone transfer works. Also bill needs to know who has the team list for all of the teams below him, but john only needs to know the phone number for the top of the tree, which in this case is bill as we have only two levels, but it doesnt have to be. Well he first needs to know who has the player list restaurant safety training manual teama. Steve a web server, for example phone number the ip address teama a domain name bill,john,fred,jane are name servers. Now the league organiser bill wants the phone number of steve who plays restaurant safety training manual teama. E it doesnt contain host names (a restaurant safety training manual but manager names (name server records ns records ). The lists are zones or zone files.

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A zone can be either a primary or secondary zone. If another team gets added then you create another paper list for teamd. So bill needs a list with the name and phone numbers of all the managers. Well all they need to do is to photocopy their list and give it to someone else (barry for example), and tell bill the contact number of the person so bill can update his list. Primary and secondary zones and zone transfer. The managers name isnt really important just the phone number.